foals Cichoń
Foals Auction
| 2020

Every year, along with the development of our stallion station, the auction collection gains in size and diversity - we have selected 11 descendants of dressage stallions to participate, and the novelty of this year's edition is the appearance of jumping foals as well. The collection is very diverse, which will allow anyone interested in it to find a unique foal that suits their preferences.

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Zack in Black MM

It impresses with its possibilities, impresses with its exterior!

Zack in Black MM is a dressage foal of the latest generation - both-sided origin from world-class Grand Prix horses and a significant share of English Thoroughbred perfectly fit into the current trends.


Viviana G

A Star Is Born!

Viviana G is a foal whose quality speaks for itself - it took just a few steps of an extraordinarily large trot full of natural cadence to charm the international jury.


By Balou MZ Z

Balou du Rouet, Heartbreaker, Voltaire
- strong genetic basis

The colt By Balou MZ Z is a real genetic rarity - the pedigree precisely constructed on the basis of the world's best stallions and valuable dam lines makes its buyer welcome to the stable not only of the future sports horse.


Fürst Red Lady

The future looks bright!

The Fürst Red Lady has been delighting from the first days of her life - the Hanoverian Association awarded her with the Gold Medal Foal title during the awards, and then she shone during the exhibition at KJ Salio.



Grand Prix talent written in genes!

Davino is a colt that impresses from the first sight with its charisma, structure and motor movement, an extremely noble foal.


Vincento Chan K

Dressage Winner

Vincento Chan K has the blood of the USA bred stallion Life and Liberty. He made a difference in breeding half-breed horses, mainly as the father of sports horses mothers.


Olympic Fly

From the legendary Chacco-Blue line!

The Olympic Fly colt undoubtedly continues the best qualities of its ancestors, being primarily a foal in a very modern type of sports horse.


Sir Toto CH

Perfect elegance!

Sir Toto CH at the age of only 5 weeks became the V-ce Champion among dressage colts.


Bossa Freaka

A recipe for success: an excellent dam and a world-class stallion

Looking at Boss Freak's mare, we can see the expression and lightness inherited from her father, but we can be sure that her genes also contain an above-average dressage talent!



Strength and presence worthy of a heir to the throne!

A combination of the top KWPN lines represented by og. Goldfinger VDT, with a solid base guaranteed by the Holstein genes of Calypso I and the maternal ancestors, brought a sensational effect.


Łza Smoka

Beauty, charisma and elegance
– a combination of Holstein and Anglo-Arab blood

The mare Łza Smoka is a foal that immediately turns all eyes on itself.


Zandro Golden Jazz-J

Unique in every way!

Zandro Golden Jazz-J catches the eye with its color and very good build, assessed during the Championships in KJ Salio with a score of 8.0.



Oldenburg quality, Trakehner elegance

From the first days of her life, Holly impresses with her resilience and flexibility of movement as well as a very correct build, with a perfectly set neck.


Vinicius G

V "as Vitalis - that is ...

Vinicius G is a very noble foal, endowed with great lightness and elasticity of movement.


High Life

Black Pearl

The High Life filly is a real gem with large frames, an athletic build and flexible movement, and is an extremely noble foal, of a very modern type.