Ladies and Gentlemen,

for the third time we would like to invite you to a unique event, which is the Cichoń Foals Auction 2020, during which foals from stud dogs offered for sale are offered by the Cichoń Stallions stallion station, as well as our partners Helgstrand Dressage and Deckstation Schockemӧhle.

It is the only sports foal auction in Poland, which, as a project aimed at supporting breeders in selling the progeny of the stallions we offer, has also become an event attracting crowds of potential customers who are looking for high-quality sports brochures from a proven source.

Every year, along with the development of our stallion station, the auction collection gains in size and diversity - we have selected 11 descendants of dressage stallions to participate, and the novelty of this year's edition is the appearance of jumping foals as well. The collection is very diverse, which will allow anyone interested in it to find a unique foal that suits their preferences.

All of them have one thing in common - the quality, which was verified both during individual visits to the Breeders and during the Open Championships of Foals of Noble Breeds, which turned out to be a very valuable tool in the selection process.

The COVID-19 epidemic that hit the world in 2020, although it had irreparable social and economic effects, also contributed to the digitization of many areas of life, including horse auctions, which have largely moved to the Internet, enabling buyers to safely participate in it. -line. Cichoń Foals Auction 2020 is not lagging behind - it will be held in a modern hybrid form, enabling bidding both via the Internet, where the auction will start on September 3, and in the traditional form, during the final on September 5 in our hall in Radzionków. We believe that this year's Cichoń Foals Auction will provide many emotions and fantastic transactions, and the unique foals that you will meet on the following pages of the catalog will go to the best possible homes, where they will develop and take full advantage of their above-average opportunities.
See you on September 5!

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