Terms and conditions
for the hybrid auction of foals
Cichoń Foals Auction 2020

GENERAL: 1. The Organizer of the auction is MM Brothers sp. Z o.o., ul. Anieli Krzywoń 1, 41-922 Radzionków, Poland, NIP 6452550162. The horses listed in the catalog are sold by the Organizer, acting on behalf and for the benefit of horse owners.

2. The origin of the horse included in the catalog is based on the documents of origin presented by the owner of the horse. If the foal is not registered by the day of the auction, the horse owner submits a written statement to the Organizer confirming the horse's origin, obliging himself to hand over the passport directly to the Purchaser, under pain of liability under the warranty for defects (Article 556 §1 et seq. of the Civil Code).

3. Gender, date of birth and description of the horse are included in the catalog, however the description does not constitute a legal guarantee that the horse has specific features and cannot constitute the basis for any claims..

HEALTH CONDITION: 4. The offered foals have not been examined either clinically or radiologically. However, they were visually assessed by a veterinarian, especially in terms of general health and possible malocclusion or defects of reproductive organs. The report from the above examination is available at the Auction Office.

5. The Organizer's declaration of the health condition of foals is limited to the content included in the veterinary examination report. The Organizer does not make any assurances as to any other circumstances related to the health, potential possibilities or characteristics of foals.

HAND-OVER OF THE HORSE AND TRANSFER OF THE RISK: 6. The responsibility for the horse passes to the Purchaser at the end of the auction by hitting the hammer, which is a substitute for the transfer of the animal’s ownership. The ownership of the horse is transferred to the Purchaser only upon payment of the full price.

7. The horse must be collected from the Vendor no later than when the horse is 6 months + 2 weeks old. The collection takes place at the Purchaser's expense. The Organizer provides the possibility of making the stall available free of charge on the premises of their facility for up to 2 days, in order to hand over the horse in the event that the receipt from the Vendor’s premises is associated with excessive discomfort for the Purchaser.

8. The Organizer will offer the Purchaser a professional foal transport service, on preferential price terms.

BIDDING AND PAYMENT: 9. The auction will be conducted in EUR.

10. To be accepted, the offer must amount to a minimum of EUR 100.00.x

11. The auction is conducted simultaneously on the on-line auction platform. The bids can also be submitted by phone until the end of the auction, which will be broadcast "live" on the portal / under the telephone number 0048 515 606 189.

12.In order to be able to participate in the auction by phone, it is necessary to register by sending your data and the number of the telephone from which the calls will be made to the e-mail address:

13. The person offering the highest price becomes the Purchaser of the horse, provided that the minimum price stipulated by the Vendor is reached. Any disputes that may arise during the auction will be settled by the auctioneer who also has the right to withdraw whichever horse from the auction without giving a reason.

14. The Purchaser confirms the purchase with his/her signature after the end of the auction, confirming at the same time the awareness of the terms and conditions of the auction.

15. The price achieved during the auction is a net price to which VAT will be added, depending on the tax status of the Vendor. The list of VAT rates for individual horses will be made available on the day of the auction.

16. Notwithstanding the above, the Organizer will add 6% commission + VAT to the price achieved during the auction.

17. The Organizer is authorized to accept payment for the horses that have been auctioned, which, up to the amount of EUR 5,000, may be paid in cash at the Auction Office, and any amount may be transferred to the bank account of MM Brothers sp. Z oo, PKOBP 72 1020 2368 0000 2602 0528 4015.

18. The horse may not be released to the Purchaser until the entire amount is credited to the Organizer's account.

19. The Organizer shall have the right to settle all disputes arising, excluded the auction, but related to the course of the auction.

20. The auction is governed by Polish law, and any disputes may be settled by the court competent for the Organizer's seat.